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12 Results During these trying hours, her mind was likely to be filled with rhymes and images from . Quantum Bleep: The secret of the shift using visualization.
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Remember reality is subjective. Whether you really need to fear that man or whether he really rips you off is subjective. He may be someone to fear and he may rip you off, or you may just project your fears onto him, and end up having a distorted belief that he ripped you off. It does not matter. All that matters is that reality delivers to your stated but unconscious intention that you transmit from your energy field. We set ourselves up to get disappointed, to get betrayed, used or abused, or to fail, but fail to see how we create this, instead become victims and then see the world and others out there doing it to us, or doing us over.

We feel powerless and victimized in this place. The universe is neutral. You can have it all or have nothing, it is up to you. The universe has no favourites. It merely delivers to what you request of it, regardless of whether you do that unconsciously or consciously, in every single moment.

By this I mean that if you wish for an object or experience to happen then it is the focus on the object, and not the positive feeling that creates the object. Likewise if one wishes to avoid an object or experience and thinks in this negative way, then one still attracts the object, because it is the object focus that counts, and not the feeling toward the object. Your mind creates your reality and you are the creator of your subjective reality and no-one else.

Theology states that God is within you from this co-creator perspective. The only fate is that which you create, and you are only a victim because you are ignorant of cause and effect. It is not a willful process, for you already create now in every moment without needing to engage in willfulness.

What one can do is make this whole process conscious and give it focus and intention. Quantum physics states that its known laws will also interact and also influence the final outcome so external factors also play a key role. The mind or Observer Effect is important but not the only driver, but is the factor within our control. All of us have a momentum in this and previous lifetimes if you believe in reincarnation that propels our bodymind forward in a time-space continuum.

Duality means dual reality. Any positive intention causes an equal and opposite negative intention to arise, whether they both occur in consciousness or whether the positive intention occurs in consciousness, and negative intention occurs in unconsciousness is not important. All occur in the bodymind container of our human condition. The key disciplines outlined below are those which work on:.

We often describe the human condition in terms of having 4 bodies. The first is the physical body, and the other 3 bodies are energetic in nature, they being the emotional, mental and spiritual body. In essence we say that whatever attributes the last 3 bodies hold and whatever processes they enact, have its roots in the energetic reality of ourself.

For this reason we believe that attending to the health of the all 4 bodies is a part of being healthy. In human beings there is a relationship between the breath and our energy field. A key linked concept is that the deeper the breathing the more powerful our energy field. Western society has a universal complaint of its people breathing in a very shallow fashion. This is the bodily level defence which cuts off the fuel to the bio-electric energy system of the bodymind as a side-effect of its cutting off the conscious appreciation of feelings flowing through the body.

It is a means to an end for it results in suppression of feeling and awareness in the body, and the reason we do this at all is often we had feelings and experiences in and with our bodies in childhood that created suffering and painful emotional states.

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In an attempt to fend off the repeated experience of such suffering and painful emotions our bodymind intuition knew to cutoff the breath so we ceased to feel and be aware of such states of being. Our bio-electric energy also retreated upward into the head where the primitive Autonomic Nervous System ANS kept us in sympathetic mode hyper vigilence as an allied defence to ward off such threats. The way forward for many here is to embrace either Bioenergetics exercises, Qi-Gong chi gung , Chiropractic treatments which utilize the breath such as Network Spinal Analysis NSA , or key yoga systems which emphasize the breath.

Deep tissue massage may be needed to unlock chronic spastic or contracted muscles which result from shallow breathing over a long period of time.

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The second key to being able to influence our manifesting reality is to be in a relaxed Parasympathetic Nervous System state of the ANS. In Buddhism we often attribute this state to being in a supple state of body and mind which settles the mind and allows for stable meditation or visualization and concentration.

The Secret to Visualization in 7 Minutes Using Your Mind-Power & Affirmations

The key related disciplines here are meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and deep tissue massage or other supporting modalities of nurturance and resolution of stressed states. In terms of massage I recommend each person find a qualified massage practitioner who can sympathetically understand your bodily defences at the postural and muscular level, and work with you to correct these and release these over time. We must get to work raising consciousness of ourself so we start to intervene and take inventory of what the bodymind internal database is putting into our reality loop.

We need to have conscious intervention into this loop so we can start to see our distorted belief systems and then pull back the projections we have onto all objects external to ourself. This means we cut the projected material out of the reality loop and start to see objects from a less distorted place, and in turn do not experience the negative emotional states that often accompany them.

We start to own our reality and see how we set it all up as a self perpetuating illusion. We start to break this cycle of victimhood that entraps many in life. The previous mentioned practices of meditation and mindfulness are critical aspects of gaining this self-awareness and intervention into the reality loop process. In the Western view, psychology has been the traditional attempt in recent times to clean up our mental and emotional distortions, using traditional mentally based observation and behavioural intervention techniques.

Various therapies and approaches, including bodymind focused solutions have evolved over time. We must face our darker bestial natures that in myth is represented by Pan and Hermes, and integrate them into our collective personality and Self. We face rather than continue to disown our shadow or lower self.

Many people fear facing their lower or shadow self for the pain of going into the original wounds, but it cannot be avoided to heal the defences and distortions we have built up over time, and to release the energies that is locked up in them.

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The tools and processes they offer are in many cases sound, but there is normally a missing context, and that is the blocks and obstacles that naturally arise in a person wanting to step into such a spiritual discipline. Marketing pressures dictate that any negative or overhead that accrues to a product or service purchase in our society, be downplayed or put into fine print, as it gets in the way of selling the appeal and image of the product or service. Spiritual products and services are marketed no differently in my opinion. Ultimately the work of becoming a conscious co-creator in the universe is in the realm of Creation Spirituality which empowers the person to see their interconnectedness to all things, to act in this way, and to become an active and positive co-creator with the universe.

It is also a useful path to develop and cultivate higher states of consciousness such as compassion, love and the wisdom of seeing the truth of the interconnectedness of all things. The eastern path that best serves this purpose is Buddhism, and in particular the Mahayana Buddhist schools of thought. In quantum physics the body gives us a location in space, and the mind which creates the concept of time, gives us our point in time. Science has already shown that our mind does not discriminate between what our senses read in from the external environment, and what our mental awareness consciousness creates in meditation, visualization or contemplation.

Both are as real as each other to the mind. Given the mind works in images, then the most powerful of these techniques is creative visualisation. Here the meditator creates a mental picture of a reality and tries to sustain that image in a stable and concentrated way in their mind. It has been proven over thousands of years by numerous cultures to effect deep changes in the body and the mind over time. Recent advances in Neuroscience also support these meditative practices.

Neuroscientist Alvaro Pascual-Leone proved in studies that when human beings learn a new skill, plastic changes occur in the brain by strengthening existing neuronal connections, or by creating new neuronal pathways and connections. Real change involves slow and regular committed practice that actually signals the brain to create new pathways and new connections, which will test the person as they feel inertia, resistance, and slow progress while the neural re-organisation is undergone. This is the basis to changing existing neural pathways of our BodyMind distortions from childhood and to create new realities.

Thoughts create the basis for material changes in our brain. Pascual-leone showed in studies that people who did visualization practice of playing a piano or doing gym workouts, when compared to people who did the physical equivalent of those same practices, showed the same brain changes in the same regions of their brains, and developed competencies similar but not as great as those who did the physical version of those exercises. When the visualization group then did the physical exercise they only needed one-third of the time to reach the same physical aptitude as those who relied solely on physical means.

In an activity that is solely about our mental and energetic impact on the quantum field then the visualization method is the beginning and the end of this type of process. From a neuroscience point of view, imagining and act and doing an act involve the same motoric and sensory areas of the brain.

Visualizing an object tricks the brain into thinking you are really seeing the object. This is the start of manifesting. By this there are now machines which paraplegic people use to tap into their thoughts and translate their intentions into commands for the machine to do simple activities such as driving a PC mouse, or move an object, or turn a wheelchair into a new direction or alter its speed. Manifesting our reality is already occurring via using our reality loop in a bio-mechanical way. In a spiritual sense it is often said that the universe is in the grain of sand, or that the universe is in inside of us.

What I think those mystics are saying is that the laws or mechanics that drive our own personal realities are microcosms of what drives the universe on its majestic scale.

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The mathematical patterns of the universe may then exist from the microcosm of us up until the macrocosm of the universe. Neuroscience also puts forward a powerful argument as to why the practice of imagining and visualisation can effect changes within the person conducting such a practice. Neuroscience researchers such as Pascuel-Leone Doidge: Thinking of an object, looking at the object, and actually physically interacting with the object, can cause the neuroplasticity of the brain to create new and repetitious neural pathways in the brain.

Our plastic brain is perpetually altered by every physical encounter, and every visual or imagined interaction. The brain structure that regulates instinctive drivers and behaviours is the Hypothalamus Doidge: Habit repetition enlarges the pathways for more of the same habitual activity and enlarges brain maps or circuits used to activate such drives Doidge: These circuits then feed into the reality loop. This is why we have so many conditioned mind scripts from childhood that may be mal-adaptive and no longer serving us as adults.

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There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. Get to Know Us. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Amazon Business Service for business customers. It is curious indeed that reality has no place in the Secret World, but then again, reality is what you believe it to be, not what it actually is. But what it is is only what you believe it to be, so, uh, you can see where this leads. If youre fat, its not because you eat too much or exercise too little; you have only the image of the fat body in your mind to blame.

The film again proves what it preaches with the re-enactment of a gay mans tale; a poor sap who is teased, bullied at work, and attacked by soda-wielding toughs on the street, but only because he focused on being harassed. Once he decided to think happy thoughts and still be gay, I imagine the evil co-workers either quit or were transferred, and the street urchins disappeared, Im guessing to kill the homeless dude down the block who hadnt yet rented this DVD.

And so it would seem that if everyone in a neighborhood experiencing high crime took the secret to heart and lived its principles, all drug traffic, violence, and loitering would move somewhere else. If enough people believed it, then, trouble would have to go to another city. More people, shit done left the state, and on and on and on. Good vibes, then,kill crime. I expect a major political party to adopt this plank sometime in the next decade. What the film doesnt answer, however, is how the universe is to re-arrange itself if two people send their thoughts to the realm of the rainbows that are in direct conflict with each other.

If I, for example, pictured the hot blond in the tube top massaging my joint every single day for a year visualizing with lotion and tissue handy, just in case would I eventually acquire her services, even if her thoughts contained images of my arrest, or even violent death? Im certain I can outthink a blond, but maybe shes more dedicated to the cause.

This shit is scientifically proven the chiropractor said so, didnt he?


But if positive thoughts actually possess more power, how does so much suffering exist in the world? Is it actually being argued that if the trains to Auschwitz had featured a conga line or spontaneous outburst of Oh, What a Beautiful Morning, they would have ground to a halt, the doors unlatched, and the Holocaust completely interrupted? Its quite telling that The Secret never considers such historical events, or anything even remotely dark in its implications.

While there are dozens of holes, flaws, and inconsistencies in The Secret to say nothing of the distracting backdrops and painfully inept re-enactments , it is the refusal to discuss using this power for evil that truly offends. Not that I believe in literal evil, mind you, but what about those who visualize 6-year-old boys in their showers, or psychotic loners who seek to attract hookers totheir basements, so as to dismember their corpses?

No, apparently anyone tapping into the secret seeks only a better job, bigger paycheck, nicer house, or fancier car. Fine, occasionally, someone wants a healthier body, but for the most part, these are the same materialistic desires offered as just rewards for every other self-help school. If, as someone says, the universe will correspond to the nature of your song, is this to say that our world even if we dont worship a god in the conventional sense is geared toward giving us stuff?

Again, though, what about the undeniable fact that most of the world lives in depressing poverty?