Photographers Wanted!

You have a great visual aesthetic.
But are you earning as much as you’d like with it?

You have a talent for how things can be framed, how they should look, the colors, branding and look and feel of a project.

But do you enjoy programming websites? If you’re like most photographers, the answer is a short “no”, or at best a necessary evil to be tolerated. Why not let us do this work for you? You’ll do less technical work, earn more (by decreasing your time invested, earning money purely for making the sale on top of your photography), your clients will be happier (our system far exceeds the average web design companies), and you’ll earn more referrals. You’ll get paid for life on the client, including on upsells for SEO and PPC and other services you don’t sell. More money, less work – what’s not to like?

SwiftCMS is the ultimate “Powered By” system to help you grow your business and income.

Some photographers already produce websites, and if that includes you, consider: when you’re earning hundreds or thousands per month passive residual income from past clients (on hosting, SEO, etc.), and have more photography work will you still want to code websites, if you’re still capturing the revenue from potential sales? In truth, the photographers who also provide websites run the risk of becoming a “jack of all trades, master of none” – that’s no insult; it’s simply that advanced programming is our specialty and our team spanning multiple countries allows you to earn more and work as a specialist. Why not command higher photography rates and earn more money for less work?

Join our partners program now, at no cost or obligation, and try it out. Refer a project, and we’re confident you’ll like this new way of working.