SwiftCMS + WordPress = Power

SwiftCMS is a leading WordPress Framework & “SuperTheme”.

2019 Update: The below code is deprecated and outdated. We do not recommend it for new clients.

Our best code, systems, and attention is poured into SwiftCloud.AIelectronic signature, waiver software, and much more – invoices, web forms generator, chat bot platform – tools to help businesses succeed.

Here’s what SwiftCMS can do for you:

  1. It can make WordPress look like anything, down to the pixel, without having to FTP or know any code. You can drag and drop, and use an easy control-panel-wizard to define every single portion of your website. No longer will you be stuck with a wordpress site that looks like a blog, you’ll have high-end-style CMS (Content Management System) features previously obtained only via high-end custom design.
  2. Hundreds of pre-done designs, all of which can be easily modified, without knowing any programming, without FTP, or messing around with CSS. If you’re a programmer type, you’ll still have CSS access, but it’s not required.
  3. SwiftCMS Extends WordPress framework functions dramatically far beyond a typical theme. One example is content-aware-sidebars (Example: Matfar.com; notice the sidebars change from “candidates” to “employers”, and furthermore, whichever sidebar you last saw will show up on “search”).
  4. Search Engine Optimization features to not just help you select keyphrases, then create content around it, then track results and rise in the rankings. Of course we’ll help with fancy local-optimization “web 3.0” features too, like microformats (the little stars you see on Google are based on microformats), longitude latitude lookup and more.
  5. Social Media¬†baked in. Want to integrate Facebook & Twitter? Yelp? It’s as easy as a few clicks, with your choice of icons already done for you – or use your own.
  6. PSD to WordPress. Want to convert that beautiful photoshop mockup to a fully working wordpress masterpiece? SwiftCMS 3.0 includes a wizard with drag-and-drop overlay tools, made for designers, not programmers.
  7. Specialized features built in. Want not just a fancy google map on your contact page, but a form to generate directions to your store? Done. e-Commerce? Check, with hundreds of functions and support for WooCommerce built in.
  8. Member’s-Only Help….
  9. And so much more – enough to fill a video. Satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back, with no hassle. We stand by our work.

But that’s enough about us. Won’t you tell us about yourself?

I am a…

  • Entrepreneur starting a business
  • Upgrading a website to wordpress, not sure which theme to get
  • Looking for Website Templates
  • Designer, artist, creator (not a programmer)
  • Internet Marketer, Affiliate Marketer
  • Web developer tech wiz
  • Photographer. And I like extra money too.
  • Sales wiz focused on profit & mad money

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