SwiftCMS Empowers You.

Ready to earn $200+ per hour? Read on… working with Swift means more money, less work – working smart, not hard.

Swift CMS is the world’s most powerful wordpress-based system. We also provide the ultimate “powered by” relationship for co-branded co-operative development. Successful partners include:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Designers who love to design, but not to code
  • Offline Marketers such as advertising sales reps
  • Photographers
  • Internet Marketing Experts (i.e. SEO, PPC)
  • Door-to-Door consultants who like to talk to people.

We pay partners for life.

Speaking frankly, the big opportunity is that most small businesses expect to spend $900 to $2000 on a website – but it only costs a few hours to a day of your time (or less, depending) and $97 to set up the core infrastructure. Your mission: help small businesses get online and winning new clients / customers. A very typical sale might be $599 for a basic website. Imagine, all from your smart phone, in under 1 hour, you:

  1. Set up a unique new Gmail account for them, that you can access and will later hand over to them to manage.
  2. Then set up their website on SwiftCMS using your affiliate link, using their credit card (to ensure on-going billing for hosting + 7-point maintenance package). Bam – you just earned 50% (of the $97, and then 50% of the on-going $29/mo), by the way (paid from clickbank) – and you now have all the website structure.
  3. Using your (or the client’s) iPhone you take some pictures of their store, their food (i.e. restaurants), products, people, etc. (whatever pictures they want on their website), crop it using the free photoshop app, and add it to their website.
  4. You take a quick video using your phone and edit it using the $5 iMovie app, then upload it to YouTube right from the phone, and tie the YouTube channel back into the new website, link the site to Twitter and facebook.
  5. You collect $500 cash, the client has all the video training they need, and you both part ways happy. The client has a great website, done and ready, you just pocketed $500 for 1-2 hours of work. You earn ~ $14/mo for life, as long as the client keeps their site (usually many years), which adds up, and next thing you know, you’ve done 100 websites (earning $50,000 and $1400 a month passive cash flow).

For the hosting and setup, you’ll get paid directly from, the world’s largest affiliate marketing platform. Click to sign up (free, sign up as “affiliate”).

In short, you can do what you like, sell what you like, and we’ll fill in the gaps for you to provide mutual clients an unbeatable experience. You’ll earn more money for less work.

To sign up, simply use your clickbank ID and fill in the form on the right. Don’t have one yet? Pop by and sign up as an affiliate (free), and on the next page we’ll get you banners, help you generate category-specific, language-specific URLs and more.

Sign up now for our partners program now. Be sure to enter your Clickbank ID, as checks come from them.


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