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You need more than just WordPress Hosting.

WordPress Hosting from SwiftWebDesigner / SwiftCMS is more than simply space online – it includes “Hacker insurance”, We-do-it-for-you response instead of “here’s a help file, have fun”, automatic backups, constant security policies, code, and monitoring, daily upgrades (both security and feature improvement), curated plugin selection & implementation resources, member’s-only training including DIY SEO, proactive server maintenance, uptime monitoring, 24/7 response, and more.

Hosting is only 1/8th of what you need…
and budget hosts won’t tell you that.

Website maintenance from SwiftWebDesigner.comSwiftCMS includes the following:

  • Done-For-You WordPress Setup + Plugin + Theme setup. Other hosts let you set up SQL servers, FTP in, hope you don’t get hacked via FTP port sniffers like “gumblar virus”… we do it for you. We have 300+ of the best plugins too – many of which are paid or developed ourselves in house, saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars.
  • Pre-Loaded Essentials. Did you even know that Google will “slap” you (reduce your SEO score) for not having a contact page and terms and conditions page with privacy policy? We did – and we load this for you. We’ll also pre-configure your home page, blog page, contact page and more, then set up the menus. That alone just saved you 1+ hours if you’re a pro, and 3+ hours if you’re a wordpress rookie.
  • Hosting, of course, in a tier-one rock-solid data center. Clients in the same data center include major companies like Starbucks, Nike, NBC, ABC, Sony, Volkswagon, Warner Brothers, and more. This means redundant connections, super fast server delivery, and 24/7 response for us – though we solve any problems for you, instead of waiting til you get a “Your site has been blocked by Google” notice for malware or other problems.
  • CDN – Content Delivery Network. Once your site is live and you’re happy, we’ll “mirror” it to 20+ servers around the globe, ensuring fast delivery anywhere on the planet, and protection against traffic spikes. Get a story picked up by CNN? A budget host will leave you crashed, totally missing the boat. Our CDN, cloud based delivery network, means even a massive spike in traffic ensures you’re still online – and getting the benefit of that publicity.
  • Backups. We back up the entire server, so in the extremely unlikely event of natural disaster, we’ve got you covered. In addition SwiftCMS has a “safety net” “backtrack” feature that allows you to revert to a previous version of a page for many (not all, but most) functions. Most clients know they should back up, but be honest – when’s the last time you actually did it? We take this seriously – giving you peace of mind.
  • Security. This alone is worth far more than the investment – and we guarantee you’ll take it for granted. You won’t even think about it – but we do. If you’ve ever had your site hacked (more common than you’d expect, usually just for “Malware installation”) you’d spend thousands of dollars to have a security professional extract offending code.
  • “Hacker Insurance”. In the extremely unlikely event someone ever did get into your site, we’d do whats needed to eradicate offending code and evict any hackers that take up residence and “paint themselves a back door”.
  • Uptime Monitoring. Will you know if your site goes down? We do, and take action without you even asking to make sure it’s back up as soon as possible. Currently our uptime is over 99.9%, with most downtime as scheduled service in the middle of the night USA time with a maintenance message posted.
  • Upgrades. Normally, you’d pay a system admin to keep your system abreast of the latest changes to technology, threats (business or malware), and could easily spend hundreds a month optimizing website load time (which affects SEO, search engine position). With Swift, it’s all handled for you so you can focus on your business. This also included over 100 plugins for wordpress which we constantly research, upgrade and stay on top of.
  • SwiftCMS, the world’s most powerful customization of WordPress. We’ve taken the world’s most popular (and powerful) blogging platform, and extended far beyond the typical theme with high end custom features like ajax-y searchable knowledgebase, custom proprietary SEO features on top of the mass-market plugins, image galleries, industry-specific features like restaurant menus, and much more.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – all sites on our server automatically participate in search engine submission, backlinking and cross linking, even advanced strategies like like pyramids and link wheels. Of course, included in SwiftCMS are many SEO features built in as well, and we offer member’s-only training on how to increase your ranking yourself.
  • Member’s Only Training & Unlimited Email Support. We offer hundreds of video tutorials on the most common questions, ranging from SEO, to e-commerce and many more.

All this for just $29 / month.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Photographers Wanted!

You have a great visual aesthetic.
But are you earning as much as you’d like with it?

You have a talent for how things can be framed, how they should look, the colors, branding and look and feel of a project.

But do you enjoy programming websites? If you’re like most photographers, the answer is a short “no”, or at best a necessary evil to be tolerated. Why not let us do this work for you? You’ll do less technical work, earn more (by decreasing your time invested, earning money purely for making the sale on top of your photography), your clients will be happier (our system far exceeds the average web design companies), and you’ll earn more referrals. You’ll get paid for life on the client, including on upsells for SEO and PPC and other services you don’t sell. More money, less work – what’s not to like?

SwiftCMS is the ultimate “Powered By” system to help you grow your business and income.

Some photographers already produce websites, and if that includes you, consider: when you’re earning hundreds or thousands per month passive residual income from past clients (on hosting, SEO, etc.), and have more photography work will you still want to code websites, if you’re still capturing the revenue from potential sales? In truth, the photographers who also provide websites run the risk of becoming a “jack of all trades, master of none” – that’s no insult; it’s simply that advanced programming is our specialty and our team spanning multiple countries allows you to earn more and work as a specialist. Why not command higher photography rates and earn more money for less work?

Join our partners program now, at no cost or obligation, and try it out. Refer a project, and we’re confident you’ll like this new way of working.


Stop Re-Inventing the Wheel!

NOTE: Very rarely do we slice a website from scratch. 99% of the time, we grab some other theme that’s already done, then just adjust the dimensions – because structurally, pretty much every site is topnav, rightnav, and is 1, 2, or 3 columns. SwiftCMS 3.0 will support a click-and-drag structure system, and already, we have one site for pretty much every possible structural combination.

SO, the below training is considered deprecated / obsolete, but left here for reference for technicians as a good training reference.

90% of websites can be set up (structurally, i.e. “sliced”) in under 2 hours (if you know CSS and image cropping/sizing)

SwiftCMS is designed to support independent internet professionals such as designers, copywriters, and SEO professionals, and provide you with whatever components you need to, so you can do one thing very well, serve your clients better, and thus build your business.

You’ll do more of what you like, less of what you don’t like, and earn a better reputation.

That said, here are the advanced styling training videos, for those skilled at slicing PSD files and skilled at CSS. As you can see, 100% of anything you want to achieve is entirely within SwiftCMS, no FTP is required. These videos are also helpful to designers who have a website already set up, but want to make some small tweaks or improvements to the existing design.

Note: WPCMS is already activated on all websites, so skip the first 20 seconds.

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