Design Conversion

The next step to make your project into reality is to convert your approved design into a working website.

Your designer has requested you check out ($97 one-time) with our “PSD to SwiftCMS” service. We’ll take the design which you and your designer have created, and slice, dice, shake, and bake until it’s a pixel-accurate fully working website. Usually, we’re provided just the home page, and the design ripples through to the rest of the website. We’ll use our best judgement on things that don’t appear, such as mouse-over menus / drop-downs, sidebar widgets, footer social media icons (such as facebook), etc.

Please check out now here:

[buy-now product=”PSD to SwiftCMS / WordPress” price=”97″¬†custom_thank_you=””]

and our team will get to work! Thank you for your business and we look forward to helping  you. If you have any questions about this, please contact your designer.

Common Questions:

  • Why am I seeing this?
    • Your designer, in order to serve you better, is focused on design, while we support him or her with top-shelf code. Because we have a team, and superior infrastructure than the typical neighborhood designer can provide, this allows you a superior product, with the friendly face and great service and local design skills provides. Your designer and/or consultant is the quarterback, and we’re the linebackers to make the overall vision into reality.
  • Wasn’t this included in the money I gave the designer already?
    • We don’t know the terms of your original agreement, we just know that your designer sent you this page because he or she believes you’ll get a better product in the end, as programming can get very specialized. In many cases, what you buy from a designer is a “bucket of time”, and depending on the notes going back and forth, you may have used the time allotted for design issues and so additional investment (one time setup) may be required to make your designs into a working site. We don’t know for sure, but we can tell you if you’re here, we move fast, and you’re probably just a few days from having a fully working website based on design you have approved. Note the design must be fully approved before we begin our work, slicing up the design into HTML and code and single design elements.
  • Once this is done does that mean my website cannot change any more?
    • Generally, your design should be pretty close and essentially approved before we begin slicing. Once we do convert the design into reality, changes to design may, depending on the changes, become more difficult and therefore additional investment may be required to your designer, us, or both. That said, it’s normal for sites to be tweaked and slightly improved, or have certain elements revised, and in many cases our services are not required for that (our code, but not our staff’s time) and so any additional forthcoming notes would just be your own time or your designer’s time.

Have additional questions? Please contact your designer. SwiftCMS is incredibly powerful – and our goal is to “build the car for you”, then train you just “how to drive the car”, not how to build it. Don’t worry – driving is simple, and we have online training videos for the few things you’ll need to know. We look forward to helping your vision become reality.

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