PSD to SwiftCMS

Now Just $97 (one time fee)

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For Designers, the smoothest transition that allows you to focus on design issues, and not have to worry about programming is to use our PSD to SwiftCMS conversion services. We’ll make your approved PSD into a pixel-perfect fully working SwiftCMS website.

You charge whatever you like for the website, or just send this page here to your client:

if you prefer they check out and pay for it directly. Note your client is your client, and we’ll minimize communication with the client and work directly with you unless you explicitly ask us to communicate with the client.

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Common Questions by Designers:

  1. Do you offer terms, or can I pay you when the site is complete?
    1. No, sorry, we need to ensure our staff is paid. The best way to use this service is pay for it immediately when you get paid from the client, or just send the page (or just copy and paste the body of that page into an email, so they don’t see the SwiftCMS website if you prefer) to your client and charge them for it and/or take it off the completion invoice if needed.
  2. The PSD isn’t quite approved but almost. Can you start then I’ll give you notes?
    1. Nope, that’s a trap that will result in time we don’t get paid for. This is an opportunity for you to get your client to lock down design so you can move on to content. You can tweak the site yourself of course as much as you like, and can fairly easily replace images any time – for that matter, you can do the entire PSD to SwiftCMS yourself if you choose, just see the training videos. Generally though, we recommend be a designer, do one thing really well and earn a good living – instead of being “jack of all trades, master of none”. The PSD needs to be approved prior to our starting. If you tell us here’s the idea, feel free to clean it up, we may at our discretion, but if there’s a lot of notes back and forth, we’ll convert exactly to the PSD verbatim, to the pixel, and be done. We want to support you, but need to be efficient and touch the project as few times as possible.

Ready to Roll? Let’s rock it:

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As usual, if you have further questions just contact us through the support system and we’ll update / revise this page.